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There is NO cost to be a member of CommCollect.

Simply visit www.localhost/commcollect and register as an Agency or Agent, and you will be sent an email with login credentials.

As an agent within an agency that is a member of CommCollect, you’re able to advance your commissions online with your own login to the portal.

We only charge a small advance fee. For example, if you advanced $10,000 over a 28-day period, our fee would be less than 5% at $497.

Yes, the fee for an advance can be tax-deductible. We recommend you discuss this with your accountant.

You can advance commissions on any unconditional sale you’ve made.

In the unlikely event of a sale falling through, we’re here to help. CommCollect will either look to swap another sale into the system, or work with you to arrange a repayment plan which suits you.

Yes, you can absolutely advance commissions as an agent with CommCollect. Agents actually represent the majority of our members.

Our systems are very efficient and easy to use.

It takes less than 5 minutes to register and apply, at which time CommCollect can approve your application and provide funds within 15 minutes. We guarantee payment within a business day for all approved advance applications.

Paying an advance sooner or later to suit your individual business requirements is straightforward.

Simply contact CommCollect to discuss your updated fee and payment date, and we will provide you with an updated figure. If you pay sooner, naturally your fee will be less.

We all know the saying, “time is money”. A dollar today is simply worth more than a dollar in 30 days. By improving cash flow for our members, you’re able to invest in your future business success now rather than later.

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