Collect your real estate sales commission now.


Why CommCollect?

Why should you have to wait months before your hard-earned sales commission finally reaches your bank account?

Well, with CommCollect you don’t have to. Simply follow 3 simple steps and, once your application is approved, you’ll be paid within 1 business day.

After all it’s your money, you deserve to enjoy it straightaway.


Complete the application Lodge proof of our sale Receive your commission


How CommCollect Works

CommCollect is a financial services company that provides secure, upfront payment of real estate commissions. We do not offer loans, but rather, prompt access to the funds you’ve already earned.

Once your CommCollect application is approved, your commission will be deposited in your bank account within one business day, instead of the several weeks it normally takes for settlement to conclude.

Our simple service benefits both agencies and agents:

  • Agencies experience improved cash flow and higher rates of staff satisfaction.
  • Agents enjoy the financial freedom that comes with having their commission paid now.

Simply provide us with a few documents proving the value of your commission and, for a small service fee, we will transfer the money into your account within one business day.

Register your interest using COMMCollect

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Who We Are

Our experienced team has spent years working in the real estate industry, so we know how frustrating it is to try and juggle bills, not to mention larger financial commitments, in between pay cycles. That’s something we wanted to change. CommCollect now works closely with some of Australia’s largest real estate institutions, offering an efficient, secure process that ensures the highest level of trust exists between ourselves and our customers.


Tax deductible, time is money so I take my comms 42 days sooner than other agents giving me my competitive advantage in cash flow.


Real Estate Agent, Western Sydney

Commcollect allows me to treat each listing/sale I do with its own cost centre. I advance my commission on all unconditional deals which allows me to commence my Sold marketing earlier than normal and really capitilise on the sale earlier in the piece rather than after settlement when its old news.


Real Estate Agent, Perth

Using Commission Collect has had an extremely positive impact on my team and their morale under the current challenging climate due to COVID-19. I now offer Commission Collect’s services in my recruitment pack and have found it certainly has a positive impact in the conversations I am having with agents to recruit to my team. Handy, Simple and team friendly service


Real Estate Agency in Perth
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